Hey, I'm Hannah. 

Optimist. Entrepreneur.
Advisor & Marketing Strategist. 

I help female founders build purpose-driven and values-centered businesses that are a force for good.





Are you ready to be that type of founder?

The one that builds a business that changes lives, starts movements, and changes culture...

The type of business that creates opportunity and prosperity... and is loved by both customers and team members...

The business that becomes a case study of how it's possible to overflow with profit and be a force for good in the world...

If that's the type of magic you're trying to make, you're in the right place.


I'm Hannah Marie Oliva

I'm a Latina entrepreneur, business advisor and Fractional Chief Marketing Officer. Throughout my career, I've scaled both B2B and B2C brands to 7+ figures and built the successful Austin-based digital marketing agency, The Modern Marketing Co. 

I fundamentally believe that businesses are uniquely positioned to make a better and brighter future for all. But I also know that building a business can be a challenging journey that requires skills and intentional strategy around growth, leadership, and team culture.

This is why I offer a variety of services and resources to help you strengthen each and every one of these areas in ways that will serve you and your team for years to come. 

Throughout our time together, I'll help you optimize:


Brand strategy

Marketing strategy

Project execution


Leading with vision

Prioritization + delegation

Delivering feedback

Team Culture


Team building

Culture creating


Where Would You Like To Start?

Book a Free Sounding Board Session

Grab 30-minutes on my calendar to chat through an idea or problem in your business. I'll send you a brief questionnaire beforehand so we can make the most of your time.


Apply for a
Visionary Day

An all-day experience designed for founders to uncover and map out the next level in their business. All the vibes, coffee, and whiteboards included.



Allow me to help you craft a laser-focused marketing strategy and provide ongoing support, feedback, and course corrections as you and your team execute it. 



Free Vision & Marketing Planner

Delivered in a Notion template, the Vision & Marketing Planner comes complete with worksheets, planners, and a project management system so you can:

  • Create a bold and magnetic vision for your business
  • Build your marketing foundation
  • Craft a crystal clear marketing roadmap
  • Bring your vision to life with focus and ease


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What founders like you are saying...

"We've worked with many consultants over the years; Hannah is by far one of the best. Not only are her marketing skills honed, but she's just a gem to work with, and we get stuff done and done exceptionally well."

- Ryan Menzer, CEO + Founder of Particular Fare

"For one of the first times, I've felt like I have finally found someone that is on my level and is going to be the extra set of eyes I've always needed. She's wicked smart, full of positivity, and I can always hear her joy in what she does. She works on our marketing every. single. week and there will be no end in sight."

- Dala McDevitt, CEO + Founder of DLDNation

"Hannah continuously gets into the weeds of our projects and marketing data to determine what works, what doesn't, and where we can improve. The insights and strategy she delivers are both phenomenal and have increased the launch revenue of our nutrition coaching company by tens of thousands of dollars."

- Michael Cazayoux, President of Marketing at Working Against Gravity

"We were impressed with how deeply Hannah immersed herself in the problem we are solving and how quickly she understood the voice of our customers. We are better positioned now to articulate our mission to the customers we aim to serve."

- Paulin Byusa, CEO + Co-Founder  of Avenir

"Hannah is SO amazing. She is a marketing genius and so passionate about helping founders scale their businesses. I am so excited to continue working with her!"

- Olivia Wheeler, Founder + CEO of Acton Circle

"Hannah is a queen of all trades. She helped me launch a passive online course, and I will continue to lean on her for support! She is so professional, timely, and one of the kindest people I know. She is such a huge help to me and invaluable to any business owner."

- Hannah Deindorfer, Business Coach

"Hannah is truly fantastic at what she does. She has amazing attention to detail and does an amazing job making your brand's message loud and clear through her work. Her ability to do this comes from her deep understanding of marketing, branding, copy, and the customer's journey."

- Chad Molyneux, CEO of The Next Level Coaching Academy

"Working with Hannah was a game changer for me. She helped me think about my business in a new, transformative way. My whole approach to my business and my ideal client has shifted." 

- Allison Otto, Emmy-Winning Videographer


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